Business Spotlight – Akiki


We would like to spotlight Elias Akiki of Akiki Auto. Born in Roslindale on Hyde Park Ave, Elias Akiki currently resides in Westwood with his wife and three kids. His parents emigrated from Lebanon in 1972. As a child, his family moved to Dedham but Elias grew up and spent his childhood in Hyde Park. 

Elias started working at his father’s business, Akiki Auto Body, at 12 years old. By age 19, he had purchased his parent’s business with only 1 employee during a time of financial hardship. He then bought the building next door and started Akiki Auto Repair in his early twenties. Five years later, Elias bought the old Gibb Gas Station and remodeled it to become a gas station and car wash. At age 38, Elias started the towing company and now has over 70 employees.

In 2018, Elias bought the old foundry building at 1550 River Street, renovated the space, and relocated his auto body shop there. It is a great looking building showcasing Hyde Park to the drivers incoming from Dedham.  

In 2021, his business portfolio added 891 Hyde Park Ave. This office & industrial building has a mix of tenants and huge bays with loading docks. He hopes add Akiki Auto to this location to provide inspection services to small trucks.

Not just a business owner, Elias is also a landlord. To make our neighborhood beautiful, he has bought over 12 dilapidated houses and lots, and has turned them into viable remodeled family homes. 

Moreover, Elias has sponsored HPMS fundraisers and donated to local kids’ sport teams, churches, rotary clubs, and schools.  

In December 2020, due to COVID and the cancellation of the Anderson tree Lighting, Elias helped sponsor the Santa Caravan and gave out $5,000 worth of Ron’s Ice Cream gift certificates and goody bags to the residents along the route.  

For the business district, he continues to sponsor the holiday decorations on lamp posts, fund new banners, and assist with watering the planters. Hyde Park is very lucky to have Elias Akiki as a member of our community.